Do you find yourself stuck, like a hamster on a wheel, spinning and spinning, but going nowhere? You are not alone. All too many just go about their empty days, their lost ambitions, their stagnant and stale lives...because it may seem easier than CHANGE.

​Life is busy, chaotic and full of stimulation overload and too often we forget about ourselves in the process of keeping up with the daily routines. It's time to take back your life, eliminate the blocks and live the life of your


Certified Spiritual Coach

Certified Holistic Life Coach

NLP  Practitioner- Neuro Linguistic Programming

Stress Reduction Certified by Harvard Medical School

Recovery Coach

With compassion coaching


Experience is everything, and here at RWCC your experience is completely unique to your needs and wants. My philosophy is to give you the benefits of being your  personal Life Coach with compassion, respect, non-judgmental, challenging and results driven.  

Kristen L Baker, EzineArticles Basic PLUS Author

Certified Wellness Coach

Certified Master Life Coach

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